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A/B Test Your Thumbnails Live On YouTube.

My most successful project to date. Built in under 30 days, making $3000+ per month.

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Preview your thumbnail before you upload it to YouTube.

Built in 4 hours. A free tool to get people into Easily my most successful free tool.

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Generate YouTube Thumbnails with AI

Tried super hard to make this really good, got it to a 5/10 or so and stopped - it now creates fiverr quality thumbnails.

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Make Thumbnail Quality Faces, In Bulk, In Seconds

Built in a weekend. Scaffolding for something WAY cooler coming soon ;)

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Get matched with a new friend on Twitter every week.

Can you build an entire startup in just a twitter account? Yes. And I did! I built this with my partner, Aprilynne Alter :) Just launched! Planned monetization is sponsored messages or affiliate links for everyone that does not get matched.


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Upload your mobile video to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok all at once!

I planned to launch this project with the Creatornow team. Plan was to give the tool away for free to Creatornow users, and charge a small fee for non-creatornow users. I would also get an affiliate fee on anyone who signed up for Creatornow through the tool. The project never launched as Creatornow sold out before our planned release date.


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Automatically upload your Twitch clips to TikTok and YouTube Shorts and grow overnight.

My first big solo project. Started as a desktop app, now a web app. Makes around $700/month. Currently trying to take this into B2B by pushing it into esports.

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Just say “Clip that” to make a live clip on Twitch of the last 30 seconds of your stream.

Released for free as marketing for Got a few hundred upvotes on reddit, but never took off. Three days later someone else released the same tool with the same name lol, they had a better marketing video than I did so they got over 1000 upvotes. Lesson learned :)

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One app for rewards at all your favorite Restaurants. Pivoted to E-commerce referrals.

My first startup. I was the CMO and did everything from marketing to product to sales. We got $50k from an accelerator program and used it to live off of for years.I moved to Chicago to work on this full time, but got depressed and left.

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